Have you ever asked yourself in which direction the human race is going? Are there any rules in the development of the human being, or is everything a chaotic mess with no rules? What criteria do we use to select our life partners? Is it money, social status, intelligence, beauty, common interests? Is it possible that we are missing something important? The divorce rate is over 50%, it is clear that something is wrong.

Is it possible to be able to identify college graduates who are going to be the next leading experts?

Is it possible to exclude people with criminal intentions from entering the police force and army?

Is it possible to identify if a person is a law abiding citizen; or a terrorist, murderer, or sexual predator?

Is it possible to return abilities like hypnosis, telepathy, etc to people as a whole?

The answer to all of these questions is YES.

All of this can be done using the Human Ability Scale(HAS).

Join this project and we can do this together.