1. You can date anyone you like. However, when you choose your life partner you need to think twice. Just remember this is always your choice. The best available choice is when your partner is one level higher than you. The next best is when your partner is the same level as you are. The last choice is when your partner one level lower than you. Never cross the red line between level 5 and 6.

2. Choosing a partner with a difference of two or more levels is not recommended, because there is a large disparity in just about everything.

3. The male genes are dominant.

4. When you are planning your family you can calculate which levels your kids are going to be. I am developing new symbols “empty”(different level from parents), “half-empty”(same level as one parent), “full”(same level as both parents).

Here are a few examples:

♂11● +♀9◑ =♂11◑

♂9◑ +♀10● =♀10◑

♂6● +♀11◑ =♂8○

♂8○ + ♀10◑ =♂9○

5. Karma exists regardless of your religious beliefs. You or your descendants will pay for the things you have done. "Don’t kill", "Don’t steal" these are not religious rules, they are the laws of the universe. Murder, rape, and other serious crimes will cause your descendants to have bad karma, as well as a large variety of problems, for up to seven generations.

6. Before planning to have kids, check your karma. There are methods to diagnose, decrease, and erase bad karma. Children need to be born without any bad karma from their ancestors.

7.This is something people been looking for century’s .This is ultimate formula for restoring lost humans abilities : ♂11● +♀11● =GENERATION 11 .

The new human race (GENERATION 11 OR 6 HUMAN RACE), will be born from parents that are both full level 11's; without karma and connection to Egregor. These parents are using 100% of their life energy. Generation 11's will be able to use all abilities that humans have lost, throughout the history of humankind (hypnosis,telepathy, increased longevity(UP TO 10 TIMES), etc) . ​​

8.Life code is generated when the soul enters the human body ... the soul level 11 can incarnate only in the physical body of level 11 ... impossibility of conception, miscarriages due to the fact that the spouses have a big difference in vibration levels ..