It's ALL about 6 Human Race.

Everything vibrates in universe , including humans . Every human has their  own vibrational level .In 2014, I developed the ability to read those levels belonging to the people around me. I started from my family members, friends, and co-workers. After a while of doing this, I was able to figure out, that the presence of the person is not necessary in order to receive their vibrational level; all you need is their picture. After checking the people closest to me, I moved on to political figures, celebrities, terrorists, criminals; basically people of varying social levels. What I saw was a large variation of vibrational codes. However, everything fit into a precise system that I call the Human Ability Scale (HAS) .

This is how it works:

1. Every person has their own vibrational level or numeric code, which is called their “Life Code”.

2. Vibrational level ,The Life Code or Life Program is a numeric code which contains from 1 to 11 digits.

3. The number of digits determines what level a person is on the HAS; 1 digit is the first level, 2 digits is the second level, 11 digits is the eleventh level.

4. From level 1-5 is the "Dark World", eg: mafia, killers, sexual predators, terrorists.

5. From level 6-11 is the "World of Light".

6. The “Red Line” lies between level 5 and 6.

Mother Nature forbids marriages between Dark Souls and and Souls of Light( or expect very serious consequences on many levels of life....)

7. A person of a higher level is not “better” than anyone who is lower level than them. A person of a higher level simply has more ability to do things. How he uses his abilities is based on a large variety of factors. Some of these factors include the environment you live in, karma that you inherited from your ancestors, mistakes you made on your own, energy programs that were used against you.

8. Level 11 is the maximum possible for humans. The goal  is to reach level 11 and maintain it. Only 2100000  people are level 11 and only 999 of them are level 11 "full" . There are many examples where children of people who are level 11 become level 8-10.

This is degradation, not progress. The human race is losing their abilities.

We could change everything before it is too late.

9. Person could go up to 5 levels up in HAS in his life span...doing right things. ...and also could go down by doing wrong stuff !!!


People connected to Egregor from the day they are born.Egregor taking from 80% to 90% of life energy that humans producing.

Average person using only 10% of the life energy he producing ,that's why only less than 10% of human brain works.

Two things preventing people from FINISHING THEY LIFE PROGRAM(rank 60):

 1.karma that inherited from ancestors.

2.been connected to Egregors.

I have ability to work with karma and also disconnect people from Egregors.

Our society got stack at rank 45.Our top religious, business ,spiritual leaders are rank 45.

I do not yet completely understand the meaning of the numbers in a personal Life Code (person with level 11 have eleven digits in his personal Life Code....). I need much more data in order to be able decipher the meaning. This is why I am presenting this project to you. Your support allows me to dedicate more time to this.

11.About the human soul .... the evolution of the soul takes place in a spiral ... to climb from one coil to another you have 12 attempts ... all there ... 50 coils and the total number of reincarnations is 600 !!! Soul passes from one coil to another when the  level 11 and rank 60 reached  .After  passing all 50 coils  the soul enters into nirvana !!!

12.HAS is instrument for people with level 11 to find each other and help humanity to evolve to new level...SIX HUMAN RACE!!!