People from level 1-5 live around us. We go to school together, we work together, but during a precise moment something triggers the program which is embedded from birth. By using HAS we have the ability to detect what people are capable of before they begin breaking the law. This is a new system for the prevention of crime.

There is an example where a police officer was recently arrested for the rape of several women while on duty. During the police academy screening process, if we used HAS we could have seen that the man was a level 5 from birth, and this could all have been avoided. Level 5 represents a tendency for sexual misbehavior. Pedophile-23225 , rapist-22341...

An analysis of the top 25 deadliest serial killers reveals that they are all level four, with numerical code 2342.

Terrorists on the most wanted list also belong to level four, but with a different numerical code 4265.

Homegrown terrorists belong to level three with numerical code 257.

Suicide bombers are level 3 with numerical code 258.

Suicidal people are level 3 with code 256.

Murderers belong to level two with numerical code 57.Thieves also belong to level two with numerical code 13.

Mafia members belong to level one.