Top level religious leaders from around the world  are always level eleven, even now. It’s interesting that all members of Sinod are level eleven. Surprisingly, heads of all the branches of the Russian Orthodox Church from around the world are level eleven. However, we cannot say the same thing about the catholic church; between 115 cardinals there is only three level 11. There are over 20 cardinals with level 7 "empty".

Good news!!!New Archbishop of Chicago Blase Cupich is level 11. New Sydney Archbishop Anthony Fisher is also level 11 . 

The Universe has 24 total levels. The first eleven levels belong to humans.

Level 12 belongs to human-like god's messengers: Jesus Christ, Buddha, Prophet Muhammad.

Egyptian god Ra, Slavic god Ramha, Indian god Para Brahman, Allah, God the Father are the names for the same God, God the creator, he is on level 24.

These are some other examples:

Archangel Yegudiel-level 23

Archangel Gabriel-level 22

Archangel Selaphiel-level 21

Archangel Michael-level 20

Archangel Uriel-level 20

Archangel Raphael-level 19

Archangel Barachiel-level 19

Lucifer-level 19

God Perun-     level 19

Lada-Mother-level 18

God Semargl- level 18

Odin-                 level 16

Shiva-               level 16

Ganesha-         level 16

Vishnu-            level 15

Krishna-           level 15

Frigg-                level 15

Freyja-              level 15

God Veles-       level 15

God Ingl-          level 15

Shakti(Devi)-  level 14

Thor-                 level 14

Demons(all 13 of them)- level 13

Main goal for humanity.
Main goal for humanity. ..Is to evolve to new species. .New Human Race..people without karma and connections to egregor , who using 100% of they abilities and life energy they producing. .
We're moving fast to point of return. Only 999 people with level 11 "full" left out of entire human population. Only 11"full" people could create New Human Race ( Generation 11).
The Earth vibration energy didn't change  for over 700 years until 2016. In 2016 it jumped 1 level up every it's level 11 (VRIL ENERGY) and it'll stay this way until December 2019.

In 2020 Earth vibration energy will start rising again...1 level up every month , by December 2020 vibration level will be at level 24(PRANA) and it will stay that way until all changes are done.